Sunday, June 17, 2012

Choose Proper Domain for Phishing and Set it Up

In this article, I am going to show you how to choose proper domain for phishing, i.e. domain name, and how to set it up in a free hosting sites to start the actual phishing process. You will then see the username and password of the website you are phishing in a text file in the hosting service. Lets start then.

I will choose as a file hosting service, and as a domain name picker. allows us to choose a free domain name with instead of .com. This looks very much similar to .com and many people think this is a country redirection. If you want, you may buy a commercial domain name, but I wouldn't recommend that because they suspend the phishing website after some time when they detect suspicious activities. So, always go for free domain names while phishing websites.

So, on the first step, go to and get a free domain name. Follow all the instructions and it should not be a problem. These days, you are not allowed to get domain for phishing facebook with names close to it, like fbook, fb00k, facebook101, etc. They have taken the countermeasure against phishing. But don't worry, they don't have protection against other sites other than facebook and gmail. Also, you can use camouflage technique, like which looks very much similar to facebook. Try for a while and you will be able to get a proper good looking domain name.

After you get the domain, go to Create a free account and setup for a $0 hosting. Follow all instructions to activate via email and then follow the following instructions:

  1. Click on "website manager"
  2. Go to "Domain Manager"
  3. Add the domain name that you got from
  4. On the "NS" field, you will see something like "" and "" and the IP under "A" field.
  5. Note this information and now go to and click on "manage domain" and then setup.
  6. Choose "Name server" as the desired setup and then fill up those two name servers in the blank fields.

Now, to host the actual phishing files, follow these procedures:

  1. Go to "Start phishing in 5 minutes" and download the automatic phish creator software.
  2. Create a complete phishing page for any website.
  3. Now go to and click on Website manager > File manager.
  4. Click on "File manager Lite".
  5. Now upload all your files under your domain name.
  6. Don't forget to put the permission to 777. You can see this just on the top of your files list. Just select the files and set permission to 777.
  7. The process is complete. You have hosted your phishing files properly.

This sets up the domain name and hosting services. Note that the operation may take upto 48 hours to complete. Have patience. Once complete, you can type your domain name on the browser and it shall open your phishing page. So, enjoy. You have now chosen domain for phishing and uploaded the phishing files successfully. If any questions, drop comment below. Thank you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recent Posts with Thumbnails for Blogger

This tutorial shows how to display recent posts with thumbnails, just like in the image shown. Normally, you will find lot of similar styles for related posts or popular posts, but not for the recent posts widget. So, I decided to list this tutorial so that you can embed recent posts with thumbnails in your own blog as well.

This blogger tutorial is originally posted by Kranthi. Full credit to his awesome work. View the Full Tutorial Here!

Enable Share Buttons on Custom Templates in Blogger

If you are using custom templates, you might have noticed that even if you enable or activate the share buttons on blogger settings, you still do not see in the actual blog. The change is not reflected at all. This is one of the major problems with custom blogger templates.

With this tutorial, you will be able to recover the default blogger share buttons on custom templates. Author Kranthi describes it it detal. View the Full Tutorial Here!

Add Proper Alt & Title Tag Automatically for Images SEO

You, no doubt, optimize your contents on the webpage for the best SEO results. But what about images? Many webmasters do not even consider images for search engine optimization. Research has shown that alt and title tags on images do affect the outcome of search engine results for any website.

With this tutorial, you don't have to worry no more about optimizing the alt and title tags for your images. It will be automatically optimized with proper tags. View the Full Tutorial Here.

Automatically Tweet Your Blog Posts in Tweeter

Tweeting your posts automatically in tweeter really saves time and is very goal oriented. This is the kind of productivity everyone wants to have for their website. This is a very simple tutorial but many webmasters still don't know how to tweet the blog posts automatically in tweeter. So, I decided to include this.

Raju from has a comprehensive and thorough tutorial along with pictures, on how to automatically add blog posts in tweeter. View the Full Tutorial Here!
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